We Are Looking To Honor The Top Industry Innovations

Now is your chance to standout. PROGRESS in Lending was formed to give industry thought leaders a voice. The right formula of technology combined with business strategy can come together to solve real industry problems. Now we’re going even further with the Innovations Program. 

As part of the Innovations Program we want to reward industry-changing innovations. For those companies or groups that have come together to do something truly game changing for the mortgage space, we want to recognize all that you do in order to change the industry for the better.

What are we looking for? We want to recognize innovations introduced into the mortgage market between January of 2021 to December of 2021 that truly changed the mortgage market for the better. As part of this competition, we’re not only looking to recognize a new release, although we certainly don’t want to discourage the entry of innovative new releases that hit the market in 2021. We also want to reward companies and groups for doing creative things throughout 2021 that made a positive difference.

Understand that this is not a subjective competition. All applications will be scored on a weighted scale. We will be looking for the innovation’s overall industry significance, the originality of the innovation, the positive change the innovation made possible, the intangible efficiencies gained as a result of the innovation, and the hard cost and time savings that the innovation enables industry participants to achieve.

How will we judge? This recognition will not be decided by mere industry onlookers, all industry experts that make up the PROGRESS in Lending Association executive team will act as judges and all will be given an equal say in how applications are evaluated. Applicants will be judged by industry peers who know the space inside and out, just like you do. SO APPLY TODAY!


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    Once you have 1.) Filled out all the fields in Step One, 2.) Hit the Send Button in Step One and 3.) Made payment in Step Two your application is complete. All three tasks must be completed in order for us to complete your application.

    All Applications Must Be Submitted By Friday, December 17th To Be Considered. Winners Will Be Announced In February.