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Bryan Filkey Joins Interfirst Mortgage As Chief Strategy Officer

Interfirst Mortgage Company (Interfirst and/or Company), a private equity-backed mortgage originator, announced that Bryan Filkey has joined the Company as its Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

In his role, Mr. Filkey will be responsible for identifying opportunities for Interfirst within the non-government guaranteed space, establishing securitization and proprietary execution strategies to arbitrage agency-eligible collateral, as well as developing and executing on the Company’s core long-term strategy. Mr. Filkey is based in Orange County, California, and will report to Dmitry Godin, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Interfirst.

Mr. Filkey brings to Interfirst 15 years of industry experience, with substantial expertise in mortgage banking, alternative product development and asset management. Previously, he was Executive Vice President of Credit and Strategic Initiatives at PCMA Private Client Lending. Prior, Mr. Filkey served as Senior Managing Director at theLender as well as President TPO and Head of Capital Markets at Impac Mortgage Corp. Earlier in his career, he held roles at Sun West Mortgage Company, Credit Suisse, Capital One and PIMCO. He is frequently sought out for his opinions on alternative loan products and regularly speaks at industry events on credit-related topics.

“Bryan will be instrumental in developing and executing our long-term strategic plan and positioning Interfirst for profitability and long-term sustainability,” said Dmitry Godin, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Interfirst. “He is joining Interfirst at a critical point in our Company’s history – but just as important in the mortgage industry. His expertise, especially in non-government guaranteed products, will be essential as we build out this important part of our business and work towards our goal of streamlining and revolutionizing the lending experience for customers.”

“It is exceptionally rare to find leadership with this level of knowledge and drive for excellence,” commented Mr. Filkey. “The expertise and work ethic that starts at the top of Interfirst, along with the passion for fundamentally altering the lending landscape, is exhilarating to be around and will make Interfirst 2.0 a powerhouse. The opportunity to bring our collective skillsets together, under a shared vision, will significantly enhance Interfirst’s brand awareness with the consumer as well as the B2B and investor communities, as a result of the proprietary nature of the products, technology and the vertically integrated structure of the organization.”

Mr. Filkey added, “In an industry that has lagged others, in terms of automation and enhanced customer experience, Interfirst is focused on being the first automated loan manufacturing plant with a goal of total disruption to both the cost and revenue sides of the equation. This presents the opportunity to fundamentally change not only the way loans are originated, but also the execution options, while creating value for our shareholders. At Interfirst, we don’t get out of bed everyday competing to be a little better – we want to look back on our careers and see that we shifted the lending paradigm completely and permanently.”

Interfirst continues to expand its geographic footprint across the U.S. to include its loan offerings to all 50 states and is currently licensed in 19 states.