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Cloud-Based Solution Helps Drive Marketing And Operational Performance

Visionet Systems, Inc., a technology service provider to the US Mortgage, Title, and related industries, has developed a comprehensive, cloud-based Mortgage Data Platform. This has enabled AspireFinancial Inc, one of nation’s leading financial companies to optimize its marketing expenses and streamline loan operations resulting in improved sales.

As a fast-growing institution, AspireFinancial was looking to improve ROI within its Marketing and Sales Platform. Reporting was performed primarily through excel across multiple siloed applications resulting in significant FTE-hours and time delays. Aspire was looking to expand business in areas beyond Texas and needed comprehensive data driven strategies for new markets. Visionet addressed the complexities of disconnected data environments by enabling a cloud data platform to provide streaming insights across various systems.

The creation of a unified data lake environment enabled Visionet to develop analytics dashboard that included:

>>Comprehensive KPI’s spanning each loan stage and status,

>>Marketing ROI metrics to optimize spend, and

>>Predictive insights to improve lead forecast and loan conversion models.

Speaking on the project, Kevin Miller, CEO of AspireFinancial Inc. said, “Visionet’s data competency delivers actionable Mortgage Analytics which in turn allows the lines of business to make predictive decisions in a near real time environment.”

Speaking about the developments, Amit Khandelwal, Senior VP and head of Banking and Financial Services business of Visionet IT said, “It’s always wonderful to partner with companies leading in their businesses. Aspire has been very aggressive and absolutely clear in their strategy. This has helped us deliver the Marketing, Operations and other solutions meeting their business goals.”

Aspire Financial Inc. is a multi-billion-dollar mortgage loan originator established in 2001.