Covius Adds Weiss Analytics Data & Forecasts To RealtyBid Auction Platform

Covius Holdings, Inc., a provider of technology-enabled solutions to the financial services industry, has enhanced the buyer experience on its RealtyBid online auction platform with the addition of advanced home price data, property and market forecasts and investor tools, in partnership with Weiss Analytics. The integration is possible through the company’s Covius Connected blueprint.

RealtyBid is a national online and live auction platform with a 20-year record of helping sellers achieve expedited sales goals and buyers maximize investments.  

RealtyBid buyers now have access to:

>>Historical values and comps, dating back 10 years and on 80 million properties, at both the property and Zip Code levels; plus the ability to change comps and segment by value, size and year built

>>One-year-out value forecasts for the property and Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), including transparency into what types, size and price tiers are appreciating or depreciating

>>Illustrated, dynamic heat maps demonstrating historic and predicted value trends for a property’s Zip Code and MSA

“By partnering with Weiss Analytics, RealtyBid is giving buyers unparalleled insight and tools to make better informed investment decisions,” said Chris Link, SVP, RealtyBid. “Our buyers will now be able drill down to determine the price trajectory of an individual property, as well as neighborhood and market dynamics. Essentially they will be able to perform the kind of sophisticated analyses used by institutional investors.”

Allan Weiss, co-founder of Case Shiller Weiss and Founder/CEO at Weiss Analytics, added: “Our data and analytics allow investors to make property-level decisions that are based on true performance, not average-based HPIs. Averages can be misleading when it comes to buying a specific property: Remember, you’re buying a house, not the market.”

This integration is part of Covius Connected, a broad and flexible strategic blueprint for enhancing our clients’ digital experience by increasing transparency, consistency, performance and ease of integration. All Covius Connected services are intended to be self-serviceable, flexible, scalable, fault tolerant and secure. Covius Connected simplifies the buying and onboarding processes and shrinks time to value and ROI for clients.