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Idaho Housing Automates Loss Mitigation Processes

The Idaho Housing and Finance Association has selected CLARIFIRE as its loss mitigation platform. A provider of funding for affordable housing opportunities for Idaho communities, Idaho Housing will rely on the flexibility and automation capabilities of CLARIFIRE to increase the efficiency of its loss mitigation services.

The Idaho Housing and Finance Association partners with and services other housing finance agencies with their loan servicing and secondary mortgage market needs. Clarifire accelerates the implementation process of CLARIFIRE due to the daunting COVID-19 demands, giving the organization the ability to automate its manual processes and streamline loss mitigation efforts in bulk within the next 60 days.  

According to Clarifire CEO Jane Mason, CLARIFIRE is currently being used by its clients to process 15 forbearance requests per minute and is helping mortgage servicer customers complete an average of 3,000 to 5,000 forbearance requests per day. This helps our clients in automating their next step, notifications to borrowers, and offering mobile real time self service capabilities.  

“We selected CLARIFIRE because it is easily the most innovative solution in the market for tackling the high volume of forbearance requests and future loss mitigation demands while providing Idaho’s borrowers with the level of rapid, quality service they need,” said Greg Blake, Idaho Housing’s CIO and vice president of administration. “With so many homeowners facing economic uncertainty, being able to deploy workflow automation quickly was of utmost importance to us. CLARIFIRE’s strong track record of rapid implementation, proven workflows, and loss mitigation capabilities gives us confidence that we will be able to help borrowers facing financial difficulty as they get back on their feet as quickly as possible.”  

“We’re delighted that Idaho Housing has chosen CLARIFIRE to automate its loss mitigation efforts and provide borrowers faster responses during this time,” said Jane Mason, CEO of Clarifire. “Throughout the country, the disruptive technology behind CLARIFIRE is helping housing agencies and mortgage servicers manage large spikes in forbearance requests by automating workflows and reducing manual tasks at the same time automating the loss mitigation processes right in front of us all. I look forward to a long and successful partnership with Idaho Housing.”  

CLARIFIRE uses intelligent business rules to automate complex processes and distribute critical information and documents to users quickly, so they can respond faster to borrower needs automatically. A SaaS solution, CLARIFIRE enables investors, agencies, servicers, banks, borrowers, attorneys and others to collaborate through a single, secure application. CLARIFIRE’s workout underwriting engine also easily integrates with existing technologies to help banks and servicers provide comprehensive and current GSE and government workouts during the COVID-19 crisis.