Nov./Dec. 2019 Issue

Editor’s Note: A New End-To-End Choice

I just heard that Origence has announced the launch of the Origence mortgage lending platform. Designed from the ground up to handle all a company’s digital mortgage needs, the highly automated platform enables lenders to streamline the mortgage process, improve efficiency, increase sales opportunities and deliver a better borrower experience.

One of very few new loan origination platforms built since 2010, the Origence platform is an end-to-end system that combines powerful point-of-sale and origination tools to accelerate a lender’s loan production and improve closing rates, while significantly reducing costs. The platform is highly automated, scalable and configurable to meet the evolving needs of any mortgage organization.

“For years, lenders have been searching for a new mortgage platform that is capable of doing much more than current loan origination system (LOS) offerings, most of which were created years ago,” said Roger Hull, president and chief product officer of Origence. “As a thriving fintech company with a team of hundreds, we’ve leveraged our considerable resources to create a platform that can power a lender’s business for years to come-one that delivers an optimal digital experience for both lenders and borrowers alike.”

By bringing digital automation front and center to the mortgage lending process, the Origence platform solves four common pain points lenders face – sub-optimal pull-through rates, decreased productivity, rising costs and increasing borrower demand for a better mortgage experience.

The platform provides everything lenders need to accelerate and enhance their customer experience, including tools that automate the borrower’s application process and overall lending journey. As a true, end-to-end solution, the platform also provides point-of-sale and fulfillment tools that empower lenders to reduce friction in the mortgage process. It includes automated file assignment, conditioning and tasking, as well as an open application programming interface (API) and microservices architecture for smoother integrations with third-party technologies and services. Meanwhile, the platform’s best-in-class marketing automation tools empower lenders to increase their sales opportunities and improve pull-through rates.

“The lenders we are talking to are excited about the Origence platform’s automation features, such as its ability to automate orders from third parties and retrieve both data and documents, which reduces the need to rekey information manually,” Hull said.

I am anxious to see how the market reacts to this new end-to-end choice. I’ll keep you posted.