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Acra Lending Chooses LoanPASS To Automate Pricing And Decisioning

Citadel Servicing Corporation d/b/a Acra Lending has chosen LoanPASS as its pricing and loan decisioning engine for its lending products.  LoanPASS is a provider of loan pricing and decisioning technologies for all lending products including non-QM, residential and commercial loans.  The LoanPASS rules engine is modernizing the PPE industry by utilizing major advancements in technology to provide lenders and their customers with unrivaled functionality and control. 

Irvine, California-based Acra Lending operates in 40 states and is one of the nation’s top non-QM lenders. A technologically forward company, Acra Lending offers programs and services through four distinct business channels: Wholesale, Consumer Direct, Investor, and Correspondent Lending. The company specializes in a cross section of lending asset classes including Non-QM, Fix and Flip, Rental Financing, and Bridge Loans.  

“2023 is going to be a transformative year for Acra Lending,” said Gregory Meola, Managing Director, Head of Business Development & Strategy, Acra Lending.   Acra’s customers are going to experience a major improvement in process innovation as we roll out the LoanPASS system to our rapidly growing community of mortgage brokers.  LoanPASS will elevate Acra’s tech stack by consolidating a number of disparate pricing engines into one seamless, highly functional mobile and desktop application. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Acra Lending as another new customer and valued partner,” stated Bill Mitchell, CRO of LoanPASS. “In addition to our shared commitment to drive technology and business process transformation for all our clients, the LoanPASS rules engine was designed to give Acra Lending complete control over products and pricing.” Mitchell said. “From day one, LoanPASS was designed and architected to break industry convention and disrupt the market for decisioning engine technologies.  LoanPASS is now becoming recognized as the leader in advanced pricing engine technology solutions for lending institutions throughout the US.”