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Acra Lending Partners With Tavant, Deploys Touchless Lending Collateral Analysis

Tavant, a Silicon Valley-based provider of digital lending technologies, and Acra Lending, a private mortgage lender, have integrated Acra Lending’s digital mortgage experience with Touchless Lending Collateral Analysis. This partnership marks a significant milestone in Tavant’s expansion into Non-QM Lending and an advancement in Acra’s mission to transform their business into one that is technology-first.

“We are in an environment that is highly dependent on adoption of technology, and Acra does not want to be a company that does not adapt to technology,” said Gregory Meola, Managing Director at Acra Lending. “As we go through the year, we want to define ourselves as not only an adopter but an innovator at the same time. We have been working very hard to get a lot of great enhancements to our technologies and our process efficiencies, and the work we are doing with Tavant is an integral part of this transformation. By the end of this year (2023), we are expecting a major separation from the competition.”

Acra Lending has fully deployed Tavant’s Collateral Analysis solution into production. This is the first step in Acra’s integration with Touchless Lending, which will feature the implementation of a non-QM AUS platform soon. Touchless Lending Collateral Analysis benefits every mortgage channel of business and goes far beyond industry standard appraisal review tools available today.

“Tavant has proven instrumental in enhancing Acra’s operational efficiency, ensuring seamless automation and reducing costs,” said Mohammad Rashid, Head of Fintech Innovation at Tavant. “By leveraging Tavant’s cutting-edge solutions, Acra Lending has witnessed significant cost savings, enabling them to focus on delivering exceptional service to their clients. What sets Tavant apart is our commitment to offering flexibility to lenders. Whether a lender chooses to adopt the entire Touchless Lending suite or prefers to implement specific analyses independently, Tavant is there to support their unique needs every step of the way.”

Collateral Analysis is a proprietary product of Tavant’s Touchless Lending automation platform, designed to integrate with existing lender systems seamlessly, including CRMs, Point-of-Sales, LOS, and document management systems. Collateral Analysis automates an underwriter’s manual, labor-intensive appraisal review process, allowing them to focus their attention on other pressing issues that require action. Eliminating manual review and data entry while identifying and escalating issues automatically allows for more accurate and faster decisioning and closing.