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A&D Mortgage Honored For Achievement In Artificial Intelligence

A&D Mortgage has been honored with a Gold award in the Achievement in Artificial Intelligence category at the 9th Annual 2024 Globee® Awards for American Business. This prestigious award recognizes the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry.

The Globee® Awards, known for celebrating outstanding achievements across various sectors, have recognized A&D Mortgage for its significant contributions and dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible. A&D Mortgage was selected from a highly competitive pool of entries, highlighting the company’s dedication to excellence and commitment to delivering exceptional value to its clients and stakeholders.

“We are incredibly honored to receive this award,” said Max Slyusarchuk, CEO of A&D Mortgage. “This recognition highlights our groundbreaking achievements in integrating AI into the mortgage industry. Our innovative AI-driven tools, such as the Quick Pricer and Broker Portal, have revolutionized the way we operate, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to continuing our leadership in technological advancements and setting new standards for excellence in the mortgage sector.”

Judges praised A&D Mortgage for its “clear focus on innovation, leveraging AI technology to streamline internal processes and enhance client-facing products.” Another judge noted, “The Quick Pricer tool and AI-enhanced Broker Portal significantly improve operational efficiency and service quality,” while another highlighted the company’s “commitment to educating industry professionals on AI, setting a commendable standard in the industry.”