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AI Tech Has Conducted 10 Million Communications Between Title Agencies And Customers, the creator of a conversational AI-powered virtual assistant for title agents, has now been the platform for over 10 million messages between title agencies, clients and partners since 2020.

According to President and Co-Founder, Hoyt Mann, the 10 millionth message came from Campbell & Brannon, an Atlanta, Georgia-based Acrisure partner, through its white-labelled version of Alanna, CBee. It was an SMS text advising the customer who their closing agent would be and how to get their preliminary settlement statement.

“While there’s nothing routine about facilitating 10 million messages in just a few short years, the fact of the matter is that Alanna takes care of numerous routine communications every day between agents, REALTORS, buyers and sellers,” he said. “If you think about it, how many hours would it have taken human employees to send, receive or respond to 10 million messages? How many voice mails were avoided? How much unproductive back-and-forth never had to happen? How many other productive tasks could human employees complete with that reclaimed time?”

Mann emphasized that Alanna is much more than a mass text messaging platform or simple chat bot. Instead, the AI assistant can engage in a back-and-forth exchange with the client or partner, even asking questions of its own. “While Alanna certainly carries messages such as closing date reminders or simple status updates, she can also respond to fairly complex questions or send inquiries of her own. The technology is much more complex than a one-way, text blasting platform – more like a virtual employee, really.”

Alanna is also able to chat in 54 different languages. The technology can additionally be used for functions requiring data extraction and processing as well as interactive marketing and customer service functions. The company recently introduced Forms For All, a digital application that eliminates paper forms from the Buyer/Seller information gathering process in real estate closings.