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APEX Mortgage Engages Calque To Offer The Trade-In Mortgage Throughout The Southern United States

APEX Mortgage Group, an inclusive mortgage provider based in Atlanta that is committed to helping individuals from all backgrounds, has engaged Calque to launch The Trade-In Mortgage to their clients. Despite market conditions and fluctuating mortgage rates, numerous homeowners are seeking a change of location and buying a home continues to be a sound financial decision. The Trade-In Mortgage option helps homeowners optimize the home purchase process and reduce costs by using their current home equity.

This innovative mortgage option allows homeowners with existing equity to make offers on properties that are not contingent on the sale of their current homes. Borrowers can experience significant time and financial savings by leveraging non-contingent offers. Additionally, The Trade-In Mortgage enables loan officers to exclude the existing property from debt-to-income calculations during loan underwriting, making qualification easier. Finally, it simplifies the buying and selling process allowing homeowners to move before they sell, avoid moving twice, and conveniently transfer their equity from one property to another.

“Our clients are like family to us, and we are dedicated to discovering the optimal mortgage solution for their needs,” said Keith Webster, CEO at APEX Mortgage Group. “The Trade-In Mortgage levels the playing field by enabling borrowers to leverage the equity in their current residence to make better bids and minimize stress when purchasing their next home.”

This mortgage solution from APEX Mortgage Group is especially beneficial for individuals and families who are eager to upgrade to a larger or more desirable home but are hesitant to put their current home on the market without knowing if they can secure a new property. With their extensive expertise in the mortgage industry, APEX Mortgage Group understands the complexities of the housing market and can offer a seamless and efficient process for obtaining a mortgage while still owning a property.

“Calque is proud to work with APEX Mortgage Group to offer The Trade-In Mortgage in Atlanta,” said Michael Bremer, CEO of Calque. “This not only saves time and money for borrowers of all backgrounds, but also allows for a smoother transition between homes. Calque and APEX Mortgage Group are working together to benefit homeowners looking to purchase their next property.”