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ChainLogix Aims To Revolutionize Real Estate Tax Reporting

TaxLogix, a proprietary platform utilizing robotic process automation to generate property tax reports, has reached a milestone by automating 65 of 67 Florida counties with over 25,000 automated property tax reports processed.

“Our RPA-generated reports cover 99% of Florida population centers,” said Tim Moreland, Senior Vice President, Operations & Strategic Business Development, ChainLogix. “Rapid delivery of tax reports enhances our client’s ability to close transactions quickly while providing greater customer satisfaction.”

Jane Jaeger, Vice President of Property Tax Intelligence, said ChainLogix’s state-of-the-art property tax reporting platform leverages robotic process automation to solve challenges related to scalability and speed of delivery, which have never been achieved before in the real estate industry.

“Top title agencies in the country use TaxLogix for a reason,” Jaeger said. “The accuracy delivered by the platform is second to none and turn times to process reports are reduced from 15 to 2 minutes.”

TaxLogix makes it easy for basic and enterprise clients to place requests with flexible payment options. The platform’s real-time dashboard offers simplicity of use, enhanced order tracking, analytics, customized reports, and a plethora of other features.

TaxLogix also offers integration/API with industry platforms such as Resware for premium and enterprise clients.