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Class Valuation Acquires PropertyVal

Class Valuation has closed another key acquisition in PropertyVal. Founded in 2006, PropertyVal is a leading AMC started by Robert and Amy Strong and is headquartered in Freeport, Maine. PropertyVal is one of the largest independent residential appraisal firms in the state of Maine and a highly reputed AMC in the New England market.

“We are a regional AMC with a strong network across New England, but our stronghold has been in the Maine and New Hampshire markets. To partner with an industry leader like Class Valuation will benefit both our lending and appraisal partners,” said Robert Strong, CEO of PropertyVal. “With the industry moving towards faster technology-driven solutions and Class’s innovations leading the way, it is clear Class Valuation has positioned itself to thrive in the years to come. We are excited to join their journey.”

With more than 2 million appraisals completed, Class Valuation’s innovation focus has opened the doors for the development of some of the fastest digital appraisal solutions, process automation, and data science in the industry. Leveraging technology to expedite the entire workflow, from assigning all the way to quality control, Class can deliver faster, more credible results which benefit both clients and appraisers alike.

“One of the most significant things about this acquisition is the exceptional service level PropertyVal offers in the state of Maine and New England,” said John Fraas, CEO of Class Valuation. “As everybody in the industry knows, Maine is a very challenging market for appraisals. We will now have a big leg up and be able lean heavily on the PropertyVal team to assist Class with all Maine orders. We are also culturally aligned; Bob and Amy share the same core values we thrive on at Class Valuation.”

Through these strategic acquisitions, Class has added strength in specific regions of focus around the country, built a robust national appraisal panel, leveraged a Staff Appraiser model, and gained superior market data analysis capabilities. Together, Class’s family of brands are working hard to reimagine the appraisal industry to deliver more accurate, transparent, timely appraisals to the mortgage community while simultaneously growing and protecting the future of the independent appraisal profession.