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Community Bank Enters eWarehouse Lending Using eVault Tech

Indiana-based Centier Bank is now equipped to receive eNotes from their warehouse clients through DocMagic’s eVault solution. The move positions Centier to secure more business as mortgage bankers increasingly adopt eClosing technology.

Founded in 1895, Centier Bank is Indiana’s largest private family-owned community bank with more than 60 branches statewide. The bank is focused on providing excellence in service to customers and offering a one-of-a-kind personal touch. Centier’s mortgage warehouse division serves as a trusted warehouse lender to mortgage bankers nationwide.

Centier implemented DocMagic’s eVault specifically for its mortgage warehouse lending business. DocMagic’s solution enables the bank to accept and fund eNotes from customers closing loans electronically. Company spokespeople at Centier state that the business driver to implement DocMagic’s technology was to facilitate ease of doing businesses with eNotes coupled with establishing a future competitive advantage.

“We strongly believe that in the next 12-18 months, eNote acceptance will gain significant industry adoption among both mortgage bankers and end investors,” said Jim Taschler, vice president of mortgage warehouse at Centier Bank. “As such, we want to have the technology in place to effectively handle that method of doing business. Centier is committed to investing in technology that makes it easier to do business with us, which DocMagic’s eVault makes happen. Ease of system use and simplicity of doing business is going to determine who leads the pack as the mortgage digital ecosystem grows. DocMagic is playing a pivotal role in helping transform our bank’s business model.”

Centier’s eWarehouse lending process is now quicker, easier and clears warehouse lines expeditiously. By using DocMagic’s SmartREGISTRY™ system to register their eNote on the MERS® eRegistry, it is securely stored within DocMagic’s eVault platform. The new eWarehouse lending process reduces cycle times functioning in minutes versus days. The overall process to close, fund and sell the note is effectively fast-tracked.

“Centier has a sterling reputation in the state of Indiana with their exemplary service levels and community involvement,” stated Dominic Iannitti, president and CEO of DocMagic. “Their decision to adopt an eWarehouse lending strategy is truly impressive and will ultimately reduce their origination costs and allow them to provide even better service for their clients. We are excited to work with such a forward-thinking, tech-savvy bank.”

Taschler at Centier added: “Whereas it used to just be the GSEs accepting eNotes, we now see more and more aggregators also getting on board with eNotes. Everything is clearly going digital. When we see trending in the secondary market, it supports our assertion. We are excited to ramp up and digitize our mortgage business with DocMagic.”

Adoption of eNotes has grown significantly over the last couple of years with an increasing number of organizations across the mortgage supply chain realizing benefits. As of April 1, 2022, the MERS® eRegistry reported over 1.6M unique registered eNotes to-date. The industry now boasts 23 different investors that can originate, fund and purchase eNotes. Further, the MERS® eRegistry currently has 30 warehouse lenders successfully funding eNotes.  The list of companies now integrated with the MERS® eRegistry continues to grow and includes originators, warehouse lenders, servicing agents, subservicers, investors, Federal Home Loan Banks, ands custodians.

DocMagic’s eVault is being utilized by GSEs, investors, servicers, warehouse lenders, banks and other relevant mortgage entities. The eVault is integrated into DocMagic’s comprehensive eClosing process, offering lenders options from hybrid variations to fully digital eNote and RON eClosings.