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Database Of Over 500 Market And Off-Market Commercial Property Listings Exclusively To Active Buyers Emerges

GPARENCY, a commission-free commercial mortgage brokerage, is now providing an unprecedented database of over 500 market and off-market commercial property listings exclusively to active buyers. To help general partners (GPs) find the most relevant deals on the market, all listings are 100% confirmed and regularly updated with the latest info. Each listing includes the property type, address, current price, and the listing broker’s contact info to get more details about the listing.

“Creating a one-stop experience like this is revolutionary,” said Ira Zlotowitz, founder and CEO of GPARENCY. “You can now access up-to-date, on- and off-market commercial property listings as well as get financing and a commission-free broker all in one place.” 

“The innovation to fund deals without broker commissions was already a big disruption to the industry, but we knew we wanted to do more,” Zlotowitz added. “We’ve remained steadfast in our passion for providing equitable access for all, and that’s why we’re obsessed with looking out for the GP. This new listing database is another way we can show it. At no cost, GPs now have the capability to find current listings on commercial properties across the country that they won’t find elsewhere.”

GPARENCY’s new commercial property database isn’t the first time the company made headlines for, as they put it, “obsessing over the GP.” GPARENCY is a membership-based, full-service commercial mortgage brokerage that provides borrowers with access to over 3,000 lenders nationwide. Whereas most commercial brokers charge commissions based on the size of a property deal, GPARENCY clients pay a membership fee of $5,000 per year and a flat fee of $11,000 to finance and close deals, regardless of their size—a first of its kind.

GPs looking for off-market deals near them can get access to GPARENCY’s Beta Listing Database and start shopping from over 500 multifamily, commercial, and industrial property deals.