May/June 2024 Edition

Editor’s Note: Opportunities Exist

While the current market is challenging, there are opportunities for success. For example, Invictus Capital Partners, an alternative credit asset manager, announced the launch of its Insurance Solutions Business. The new initiative is spearheaded by Senior Managing Director Carl D. Bell, who has been with Invictus since 2015 and serves as a member of the firm’s Management and Investment Committees.

“Invictus is excited to launch this new business, which will provide insurance clients with access to high-quality residential loans and the expertise and infrastructure needed to navigate the granular nature of this asset class,” said Michael W. Warden, CEO of Invictus Capital Partners. “We strategically built Verus Mortgage Capital, our affiliated operating platform, to provide our clients with the benefit of an advantaged position in sourcing and managing residential loans at an institutional scale.”

Invictus Capital Partners has a strong track record in residential loan investing, having acquired over 60,000 loans representing more than $30 billion in balance since 2015, with an expectation of over $8 billion in new investments in 2024. This extensive experience underscores the firm’s capability to leverage its investment and operational expertise to benefit the insurance industry. The establishment of the Insurance Solutions Business recognizes the increasing activity and inquiry from Invictus’s insurance company partners and prospects, demonstrating its commitment to meeting these emerging needs.

“We believe that the insurance industry is increasingly looking for diversification and new investment avenues,” said Carl D. Bell. “In particular, residential loans are the fastest-growing investment category for insurers since 2020, which shouldn’t be surprising given residential loans offer attractive yields, favorable risk-based capital treatment, and the potential for FHLB financing.”