Expert AnalysisMarch/April 2024 IssueSocial Media Strategies

Enhance Your Mortgage Business With Social Media Strategies

Listen up mortgage professionals! Social media is your way to stay connected, engage with your friends, and clients, and educate, all while staying visible. 

Consistency is Key

If you want to stand out, you have to stay consistent with your social media presence. It’s not just about how often you post, but ensuring your content represents your brand and your expertise. This approach builds trust and reliability with your audience, which ultimately leads to a relationship. 

Bring your brand to life with Video

Video is your outlet to showcasing your human side. By sharing personal stories, experiences, updates and insights, you allow your personality to shine. That creates a personal touch and a much deeper connection with your audience. Again building a relationship both professionally and personally. 

A personal Touch Goes a Long Way 

While sharing your mortgage experiences and stories are great, you have to also incorporate personal content as well. Sharing hobbies, personal interest, your family, can greatly humanize you and your brand. This allows your audience to get a glimpse of who you are beyond your professional career. This also makes clients feel more connected and comfortable doing business with you. 

Enhance face to face interactions

Imagine your client meeting you for the first time, and sharing with you how much they appreciate your content. A strong online presence can completely change a person’s interaction with you from a standard engagement, to a more meaningful consultation. Your social media presence and content pave the way for a deeper discussion and strong relationship. 

Engage and Entertain 

Your social media strategy should be a blend of professionalism and personality to truly connect with your audience and clients. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your content. Try formats from Q&A’s, podcast, humor, highlighting accomplishment and successes, and of course video. This formula will encourage your audience to engage with your brand and feel personally connected with you.