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Evolve Mortgage To Hire Hundreds Of Underwriters By End Of Year

Evolve Mortgage Services, a provider of outsourced mortgage solutions, projects that it will have hired hundreds of full-time underwriters during 2020. The robust growth reflects the company’s efforts to help mortgage origination firms scale their businesses so they can meet growing demand for mortgage refinancings. Unlike many jobs created during mortgage cycles, however, new underwriters will keep their jobs after the current cycle ends.  

Evolve has hired 120 underwriters during the past 90 days alone and will fill another 100 permanent underwriter positions for agency and non-QM loans by the end of the year. The new employees will work remotely from the comfort and safety of their homes across the country, as Evolve has utilized a work-from-home business model for more than 20 years.  

“Traditional production jobs come and go along with the ebb and flow of the mortgage business, but our goal is to meet the needs of mortgage origination firms over the long haul,” Evolve Mortgage Services CEO Paul Anselmo said. “While we’re looking for the best underwriting talent in the industry, we are committed to maintaining an environment where they are happy, stress-free and enjoy job security throughout their careers.”  

Although the average mortgage underwriter stays with the same company for five years, many underwriters have worked at Evolve for over a decade, Anselmo added.  

Evolve requires underwriting applicants to have five years of experience and a thorough knowledge of agency guidelines. Applicants will also be required to analyze “B” credit profiles including income, assets and collateral value; analyze all types of tax returns; and work with agency automated underwriting systems. Employment is on a W-2 basis.  

Anyone interested in being considered for an open underwriter position can apply online at