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Partnership Helps Lenders Gain New Visibility Into Mortgage And Appraisal Data Trends

Reggora, an appraisal software company that is modernizing the residential real estate valuation experience for lenders, appraisers, and borrowers, announces a new partnership with GoodData, a provider of embedded analytics solutions. Together, Reggora and GoodData hope to help mortgage lenders unlock access to the wealth of knowledge contained within their appraisal operations data to more strategically manage their appraisal logistics and vendors.

Residential appraisal reports typically contain over a thousand data points about the properties being appraised on behalf of mortgage lenders. In addition to the appraisal report itself is data around the appraisal process and appraiser, such as how quickly a bid is accepted, duration to deliver the completed report, quality of the report, overall turn time, and more. When all of this data is combined and analyzed, lenders can become more strategic in their appraisal workflows and improve relationships with appraisal vendors.

With the Reggora and GoodData integration, lenders can explore their data using a simple drag and drop interface. Dynamic reports with granular details and custom funnels can help identify trends such as turn time bottlenecks or payment processing errors. Details of how the product works and example use cases can be found in this blog post.

“As part of our mission to drastically reduce turn-times and help the industry deliver a seamless one-click mortgage, we’re excited to empower our lender customers with more valuable and actionable data,” says Reggora co-founder and chief technology officer, Will Denslow. “As we look forward, this data opens the door for us to offer even more customized automation and intelligence across our appraisal platform.”

“GoodData has partnered with some of the most innovative software companies in the world and we are thrilled to be working with Reggora on their mission to deliver world class analytics to their lender customers. We look forward to being a part of their journey to change the real estate valuation experience”, says GoodData co-founder and CEO, Roman Stanek.

Reggora received their Series A funding in January, bringing their total amount raised to over $15 million. In the past year, the company has significantly expanded its client base and workforce and has invested in unique partnerships and integrations to provide its clients with a competitive advantage in the appraisal process.