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This edition of our magazine tackles pressing issues such as …

Unlocking Profitability In Mortgage Banking
Executive Interview with Maylin Casanueva
Embracing And Empowering The Expanded Role Of The Loan Officer
By Franco Terango, CEO at Certainty Home Lending
The Marriage Of Equity And Efficiency In Servicing HELOCs
By Priscilla Woods, VP, HELOC and Special Loans Manager at LoanCare
GSE Guidance: The Elephant In The Room
By Luana Slettedahl, a Principal Consultant at BlackFin Group
The Crucial Choice For Mortgage Lenders: Innovate Or Stagnate
By Josh Friend, Founder & CEO at Insellerate
Business Strategies Column: Mastering LinkedIn For Success In Financial Services
By Michael Hammond, President at NexLevel Advisors
Process Improvement Column: A Slowdown Doesn’t Hurt Every Area Equally
By Tony Garritano, Founder at PROGRESS in Lending
Editor’s Note: Opportunities Exist
By Tony Garritano, Founder at PROGRESS in Lending