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Guaranteed Rate Invents New Mobile App To Enhance Loan Officers’ On-The-Go Capabilities

Guaranteed Rate, a mortgage lender driven to be the nation’s top Fintech, has launched its new PowerVP mobile app. This end-to-end digital tool is designed to make Loan Officers even more efficient and effective. “This is the app Loan Officers have waited their entire career for. It’s now entirely possible for us to qualify buyers for their dream home by the time they leave the open house. Agents submitting an offer at 8:30pm? Our sales team can get the preapproval out at 8:35, away from their desks, all within this robust tool that will help them hustle smarter for our partners and deliver contract winning speed to our amazing customers,” exclaimed Guaranteed Rate’s President & Chief Executive Officer, Victor Ciardelli.

“Guaranteed Rate is dedicated to developing incredible Fintech solutions that make a real difference for our Loan Officers,” said Ramesh Sarukkai, Guaranteed Rate’s Chief Product and Technology Officer. “We invented the industry’s first digital mortgage, here comes its wireless remote.”

Loan Officers understand business rarely happens on a regular schedule and that their customers as well as business partners have needs beyond any traditional 9 to 5. Guaranteed Rate’s new PowerVP mobile app allows them to cut the cord and ditch their desktops so that they can double production, meet with more partners out in the community, and progress loans while keeping in constant contact with customers from anywhere, at any time. This includes actions such as:

>>Creating a new loan

>>Inviting customers to complete a digital mortgage

>>Sending a one-click conditional approval letter

>>Locking in rates

>>Obtaining real-time pricing

>>Running automated underwriting

>>Getting instant access to pipeline and contacts

>>Running a credit report

>>Verifying property details

>>Accessing a summary of all loan details

“Happy clients are my number one priority and PowerVP lets me take it to the next level by enabling me to help my clients no matter where I am.  I literally updated rates and sent an updated preapproval letter to a buyer while I was in line for popcorn at the movie theater on a Sunday morning.  They get what they need to win and I get my life back,” said Jennifer Beeston, Branch Manager/SVP of Mortgage Lending (NMLS: # 247743).

Talented Loan Officers- from newcomers to veterans- may be considering realigning with the right employer, especially as the market settles and a new wave of buyers appear on the horizon, bringing with them a renewed wave of business in upcoming quarters.  Now more than ever, they deserve to be equipped with the best technology, solutions, support, and brand behind them. That’s why Guaranteed Rate encourages anyone interested in learning more, to check out