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Guaranteed Rate’s Same Day Mortgage Provides Buyers, Sellers And Their Agents More Certainty, Ease, And Speed

Digital innovation streamlines the qualification and approval game. Here’s what real estate agents need to know.

Buying a new home — especially for your first time clients — is a rollercoaster of emotions. The highs of touring available houses and vividly picturing the new lives they may soon lead is followed by the white-knuckle ride to submit a winning offer. Finally, anxiety builds during the seemingly endless wait for loan approval. That’s why Guaranteed Rate introduced the revolutionary concept of Same Day Mortgage.

As you have seen time and again, it typically takes 3 to 6 weeks – or even longer – for your client’s loan approval to come through. Same Day Mortgage delivers exactly what it promises – loan approval in less than 24 hours. Since launching earlier this year, Same Day Mortgage has closed more than $2B in loans. Many applications are approved in four hours or less*.

For buyers, applying for a home loan has never been faster or easier, which results in more confidence and peace of mind. They simply upload the required documents, and within hours: loan approval. For buyer agents, Same Day Mortgage puts increased clout behind offers with your name attached. Consistently delivering on promises earns stellar reviews and strengthens relationships with seller agents.

Proof is in the feedback, so here’s a sampling of what we’ve heard from agents, buyers, and loan officers:

“The speed and confidence that comes with working with a known entity like GR helped my buyers succeed in a super-competitive market. I’ve had multiple clients surface at the last minute who were able to get approvals the same day. The speed of GR’s approval process helped make sure they didn’t lose their offers!” – Matthew Wray, Real Estate Broker, Keller Williams Realty Portland Central

“Same Day Mortgage is our secret weapon! I have many clients in the medical field with very tight schedules; the ability to get approvals in one day creates an incredible experience for my clients and helps me grow my business.” — Cole Mitchell, Keller Williams, Encino/Sherman Oaks, CA

“I had three clients start the process in the morning and get approved before I sat down for dinner.” – Andre LaCount, Loan Officer

“Same Day Mortgage is so great and efficient. A superior way to put the buyer first.” – Kristin Warren, SVP of Mortgage Lending

“We had been working with this other mortgage company for over a month and switched because they couldn’t get the loan approved. We switched to Guaranteed Rate Monday afternoon and were approved by Tuesday at noon. I’m so relieved!” – Rachel, Utah homeowner

“Approval in 6 hours was amazing!!! Getting the mortgage was so much easier than landing on a paint color for us.” – Laura and Cody, homebuyers

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*Every applicant financing scenario is different. Results are not typical. Applicant subject to credit and underwriting approval. Restrictions may apply.