iEmergent Appoints Chris Richey As Chief Analytics Officer

iEmergent, a forecasting and advisory services firm for the financial services, mortgage and real estate industries, has appointed Chris Richey as chief analytics officer. In this role, Richey will oversee and expand upon iEmergent’s data analytics capabilities, which help mortgage lenders identify gaps in sales coverage and effectively expand into new markets.

Richey, who first joined iEmergent in a consulting capacity in 2016, has been instrumental in building out the data and information technology (IT) frameworks supporting the firm’s external Mortgage MarketSmart and internal business intelligence (BI) platforms. With this infrastructure in place, Richey will next turn his attention to enhancing the analytics engine and statistical models that power iEmergent’s market-leading data insights.

“Chris’ combination of mathematics, economics and IT expertise is quite rare, but what’s even more exceptional is his commitment to applying those skills to affect positive change,” said iEmergent CEO Laird Nossuli. “For years, iEmergent’s data has pointed to diversity in lending as not only the right thing to do for our communities, but also a business imperative for lenders. Chris will play an integral role in advancing our ability to put this imperative into context for individual lenders so they can turn insight into action and measurable growth.”

Before joining iEmergent, Richey was a data analyst in the IT business unit of a Fortune 100 government contractor. His work synthesizing and analyzing some of the largest healthcare databases in the United States helped guide Medicare’s implementation of regulatory programs designed to improve the quality and lower the cost of healthcare for millions of Americans. Later, during the COVID pandemic, Richey was part of a task force that tracked nursing home outbreaks of COVID-19 and applied data sourced from multiple agencies to coordinate the delivery of training, supplies and vaccinations.

Earlier in his career, Richey worked as a quantitative analyst within the financing arm of a Fortune 100 equipment manufacturer, where he built statistical models for managing credit risk, conducted regulatory compliance stress testing and leveraged his background in IT to create a unified framework for consolidating and reporting data across the global organization.