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Indecomm And AmeriHome Expand Partnership By Rolling Out IncomeGenius To AmeriHome’s Non-Delegated Correspondents

Indecomm, a provider of lending automation and mortgage services, announced that its intelligent income calculation technology, IncomeGenius, launched across AmeriHome’s non-delegated correspondent channel. IncomeGenius is already used by AmeriHome’s delegated correspondent underwriting team. Expanding its use to its non-delegated correspondent partners will enable AmeriHome’s clients to accelerate income calculations and streamline approvals.

AmeriHome is the largest bank-owned correspondent investor in the country and offers a full suite of Agency, Government and Portfolio Non-Agency products, both delegated and non-delegated.  By rolling out Indecomm’s IncomeGenius to its non-delegated correspondents, AmeriHome will help its correspondent clients better capture and serve the growing population of self-employed customers.

“As more home buyers pursue unique work structures and career paths, AmeriHome is providing its non-delegated correspondent partners with the technology needed to keep up with changing customer profiles,” said AmeriHome EVP of National Credit Operations, Randy Wiltshire. “Self-employed income calculations can be tricky and time-consuming for loan originators but by using IncomeGenius, our non-delegated users will see significant improvements to calculation accuracy and timelines.”

Since IncomeGenius is used and trusted by AmeriHome’s in-house underwriting team, loans analyzed using IncomeGenius and submitted to AmeriHome by correspondent clients will go through fewer steps for final approval.

Indecomm’s IncomeGenius is a leading income automation solution that can accurately read, compare, and analyze complex documents such as those found in self-employed mortgage applications. The solution enables mortgage loan originators to identify key missing documents before a loan is submitted. Additionally, IncomeGenius extracts the right data points from those documents to generate an income calculation. 

As lenders face high costs per loan, low volumes, and diminishing headcount, IncomeGenius enables lenders to meet its operational Key Performance Indicators, reducing income calculation time by upwards of 60%.

“To meet revenue objectives, originators are expanding their market reach and catering to non-traditional borrowers, but with that expansion comes perceived complexity in calculating self-employed income, “said Indecomm CEO, Rajan Nair. “We are excited to see investors like AmeriHome leverage IncomeGenius to challenge those perceptions, gain a competitive edge, and meet changing market needs.”

IncomeGenius is part of Indecomm’s Genius suite of automation solutions designed to streamline middle and back-office operations, improve lender operations, and deliver better borrower experiences. IncomeGenius is one of several Genius suite products backed by the Indecomm Promise, the company’s rep and warrant guarantee.