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New Tech Is Reducing Fall-Out, High Credit Costs And Poaching: How’s That For A Trifecta?
By Jessica Evett, VP, Product & Software Development at Cloudvirga
Capturing Gen Zers’ And Millennials’ Loyalty Years Before They Buy A Home
By Sara Parrish, President at CampusDoor, an Incenter Lender Services company
Unlocking Mortgage Success: The Power Of Modern CRM Technology
By Josh Friend, CEO at Insellerate
Maximizing Mortgage Conference ROI: Unleash The Power Of Amplify
By Dalila Ramos, Founder at Love & Tacos Media
Busting The 3 Myths To AI Content Creation In The Mortgage Industry
By Michael Hammond, Founder & President at NexLevel Advisors
2024 Could Be A Good Year
Lending Laughs Cartoon
Editor’s Note: New STRATMOR Program Addresses Gap Between Lender Needs And Vendor Solutions
By Tony Garritano, Founder at PROGRESS in Lending