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Insellerate Completes Additional OpenAI Integration

In a market where seizing every opportunity is critical to profitability, Insellerate has introduced a new feature called InCall. This feature, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), equips lenders with the tools they need to identify and capture missed opportunities, directly contributing to success in today’s highly competitive landscape.

Key Features of Insellerate InCall:

  • AI-Driven Opportunity Identification: Insellerate InCall’s advanced AI technology identifies missed opportunities within sales calls, allowing lenders to proactively capture valuable business in a market where every deal counts.
  • Real-Time Feedback for Loan Officers: Loan officers receive instant feedback, enabling them to refine their strategies and cultivate lasting customer relationships, ensuring they never overlook a profit-generating opportunity.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Gain deeper insights into customer sentiment during calls, enabling lenders to tailor responses and enhance customer satisfaction, a crucial aspect of thriving in today’s market.
  • Compliance Monitoring: Ensure regulatory compliance by monitoring calls for NMLS number disclosure and maintaining a friendly tone, which is essential for building trust and maximizing profitability.

“With Insellerate InCall, we empower lenders to transform their call interactions into a goldmine of untapped business opportunities, directly contributing to their success in today’s fiercely competitive market,” said Josh Friend, CEO at Insellerate.

Insellerate invites lenders to explore the transformative potential of Insellerate InCall and its role in discovering and capturing previously missed opportunities, which can make all the difference in today’s market. Insellerate remains dedicated to providing innovative solutions that help lenders thrive in today’s competitive landscape.