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Ladera Lending Adopts Insellerate’s AI Call Assistant Solution

Insellerate, a provider of customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation solutions for the mortgage lending and real estate industries, announces Ladera Lending’s successful adoption of its AI Call Assistant solution. This significant development marks a transformative leap in borrower engagement and loan officer efficiency, yielding outstanding outcomes for lenders.

Upon implementation, Ladera Lending immediately experienced substantial improvements, with notable statistics highlighting the power of Insellerate’s AI Call Assistant:

· Based on the first call, predict 89.4% of the time whether a customer will close a loan with the lender. This allows lenders to maximize loan officer production by focusing on customers who will actually close a loan.

· 21% Reduction in Unqualified Inquiries: Through precise qualification criteria, Insellerate’s AI Call Assistant efficiently identifies inquiries that do not qualify for a loan, eliminating unnecessary follow-ups and optimizing resources.

· 38% Increase in Worked Opportunities: Leveraging AI-driven insights and automation, Ladera Lending witnessed a significant uptick in handling viable opportunities within a seven-day timeframe, ensuring timely engagement and maximizing conversion rates.

“We are committed to consistently providing the tools and resources to help our loan officers be successful, stated Scott Contreras, EVP of Ladera Lending, adding the Insellerate AI Call Assitant is another example of implementing technology to maximize our Loan Officer’s time while delivering a better borrower experience.”

Insellerate’s ability to seamlessly integrate Open AI Enterprise’s services into its platform has facilitated rapid deployment and enhanced engagement, empowering loan officers with real-time insights and actionable intelligence. Key features of the AI Call Assistant solution include:

· Real-Time Scoring: Gain instant visibility into loan officer behavior and performance metrics, including enthusiasm, hesitation, confidence, persuasion, and persistence. This enables targeted coaching and training initiatives to enhance skillsets and drive success.

· Advanced Model Building: Utilize Insellerate’s sophisticated model-building capabilities to identify effective strategies, verbiage, and techniques for maximizing loan conversion rates, optimizing sales processes, and fostering continuous improvement.

· Intelligent Follow-Up: Seamlessly generate personalized follow-up emails and text messages based on AI-generated insights, ensuring timely and relevant communication with borrowers to propel loan applications forward.

Insellerate CEO Josh Friend expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Ladera Lending to revolutionize borrower engagement and empower loan officers with cutting-edge AI technology. The remarkable results achieved underscore the transformative impact of Insellerate’s AI Call Assistant solution in driving efficiency, enhancing customer experiences, and accelerating loan origination processes.”

Insellerate remains committed to pioneering innovative solutions that empower lenders to thrive in today’s dynamic mortgage landscape, providing unparalleled support and value to its clients. Insellerate is also looking to expand the AI Call Assistant across multiple verticals and industries.