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LoanLogics, BaseCap Analytics Partner Io Improve Loan Data Access, Accuracy And Quality

LoanLogics, a provider of loan quality technology for mortgage manufacturing and loan acquisition, and BaseCap Analytics, a provider of automated data validation technology, have formed a strategic partnership aimed at transforming data transparency and accuracy throughout the mortgage industry.

Leveraging an open ecosystem approach, the companies have integrated BaseCap’s advanced rules engine for automated data validation and transformation and LoanLogics’ mortgage-specialized document processing through automated document recognition (ADR) and automated data extraction (ADE) technologies. Together, the technologies empower mortgage lenders and servicers to have greater access to their data while ensuring higher data quality for use in downstream systems and applications.

“Our partnership with BaseCap Analytics marks a significant milestone in our quest to raise the bar on quality and improve the efficiency of loan commerce,” said Dave Parker, CEO of LoanLogics. “Together, we’ll be able to forge a pathway toward enhanced data quality and efficiency that lenders and servicers need to navigate the evolving mortgage landscape more effectively.”

The partnership emerged from the companies’ shared mission to improve the quality of loan file data and increase the effectiveness of mortgage processes. LoanLogics’ machine learning powered technologies and services automate loan quality management processes, validate compliance and optimize human capital requirements for lenders, servicers, insurers, and investors. BaseCap’s validation technology helps businesses overcome their data management and regulatory reporting challenges by rapidly identifying data inconsistencies, paving the way for swift resolutions and improved accountability and accuracy.

“This partnership signifies a major step forward in the financial services industry’s ability to tackle data-related challenges. From our inception, our mission has been to help businesses make better decisions by improving the data they rely on,” said Steve Smith, CEO of BaseCap Analytics. “Being able to partner with LoanLogics, a leader in the mortgage space, continues to help us drive that mission forward in a meaningful way.”