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LoanScorecard Integrates With Oaktree Funding

LoanScorecard, a provider of non-agency automated underwriting systems (AUS), is now integrated with Oaktree Funding Corporation, a leading wholesale lender.

Founded in 1989, Oaktree Funding Corporation is a multi-state licensed mortgage banker offering a wide variety of wholesale loan products and services, including extremely competitive non-QM and non-agency programs. It’s industry-leading offerings include limited-document bank statement and investor loans with limits as high as $4 million.

Oaktree is integrating LoanScorecard’s technology into its broker portal to help brokers quickly determine whether non-QM loan scenarios meet Oaktree’s guidelines.

Kristopher Martin, CO-CEO at Oaktree, said: “The non-QM market has come back strong and is rapidly evolving with expanded guidelines, lower rates and continuous product enhancements. And Oaktree intends to be a leader in this market expansion. LoanScorecard’s technology will help brokers get even more comfortable with qualifying loansby giving them an easy way to test scenarios for program eligibility before they spend a great deal of time on these deals.”

“As liquidity and innovation return to the non-QM market, leading leaders, like Oaktree, are turning to LoanScorecard to help their brokers determine program eligibility and to test specific scenarios,“ said Allen Meigide, Director of Operations at LoanScorecard.