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MCT Launches Dynamic Learning Center To Empower Lender Growth & Profitability

Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT), a provider of mortgage risk management providing pipeline hedging, best execution loan sales, and centralized lock desk services, has launched its new Learning Center, a one-stop educational content database for each stage of growth of a mortgage lender in the secondary market. With a repository of webinars, technical whitepapers, blog posts, market commentary, and a dictionary of industry terms, the Learning Center grants unparalleled educational access to users looking to expand their knowledge of capital markets.

“We rolled out the Learning Center so that clients and industry professionals alike could gain insights, improve their business operations, and further their understanding of the mortgage industry,” said Curtis Richins, President of MCT. “This debut is a significant step forward in our mission to fuel the mortgage industry with transformational capital markets technology and personalized client experience.”

The new MCT Learning Center is built around a tailored experience for each individual user. Whether a particular lender is doing best efforts loan sales, supported hedging and mandatory delivery, semi-autonomous hedging and loan sales, autonomous hedging and loan sales, or is fully autonomous with advanced functionality, each growth stage has a robust repository of material designed to advance knowledge and achieve increased profitability. Visitors have the option to take a brief survey to determine their growth stage, or browse MCT’s latest featured content for mortgage professionals.

“The complexities of the mortgage secondary market have frequently represented a stumbling block in the growth of lenders and mortgage professionals, sometimes to the benefit of the financial establishment who capitalize on that complexity,” said Ian Miller, CMO of MCT. “MCT has achieved a leading role among hedge advisors through transparency and education, and the new Learning Center is the latest incarnation of that mission.”

The debut of the Learning Center is the latest in a long line of innovations from MCT. Over the last year, MCT has rolled out BAM Marketplace, an open loan exchange, enhanced best execution with its EBX technology that automates retain-release MSR decisions, and debuted the MCTlive! Pool Optimizer that enables secondary marketing managers to use actual cash window execution for optimization on each individual loan rather than using a dealer survey for spec pay-ups.