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MCT Launches New Best Execution Innovation

Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT), a mortgage capital markets technology provider, launched a new advancement: a Best Ex for Released and Retained all in one platform.

With this groundbreaking development, MCT’s Enhanced Best Execution (EBX) solution emerges as a real-time bridge between MCTlive! (live whole loan/SRP execution) and MSRlive! (loan level MSR valuation), revolutionizing the landscape of best execution strategies in the mortgage industry. With this technology, MCT clients have accurate insight into how loans are trading and what investors are paying along with the intrinsic servicing value to enhance the retained vs. released decisioning process. What was once a manual and time-consuming exercise is now completely automated with EBX, making all of the essential execution data elements accessible with the click of a button.

“MCT is the only company in the pipeline hedge and MSR space to effectively put all the essential execution pieces together successfully in a single platform,” says Bill Shirreffs, Senior Director, Head of MSR Services and Sales Operations at MCT. “By leveraging “live” best ex trade information from MCTlive!, in addition to loan level servicing valuation information from MSRlive!, clients gain on-demand access to detailed guidance relative to which loans to retain vs. release based on key economic factors”, Shirreffs explains.