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Network Transaction Solutions Introduces RON As A Service Offering In California

Network Transaction Solutions (NTS), a multi-state provider of title support services including Remote Online Notary (RON), has launched its RON as a Service (RaaS) offering in California.

The announcement comes shortly after passage into law of CA Senate Bill 696, which streamlines the acceptance of notarizations performed remotely by notaries commissioned outside California. As the state continues to work on establishing the infrastructure and technology needed to onboard in-state remote notaries, which is not expected to happen for as long as a year, established RON providers are now able to perform digital closing services within the state.

According to NTS Operations Manager Andrea Somers, the development means that lenders or title agents seeking to deliver RON services in California, but unable themselves to provide the necessary service and technology, may work with RaaS providers like NTS.

She describes RaaS as an enhanced RON service that can be deployed by title agencies or mortgage lenders. Clients simply provide their closing package to the RaaS provider and provide a deadline. The provider then assumes ownership of all elements of the RON and closing experience, including scheduling the signing, customer support, document preparation, review and communication. The RaaS provider also provides experienced, specialized closing agents, a completed post-closing package and any necessary trouble shooting.

“Title agents have been waiting for the ability to deploy digital closings and RON in California, one of real estate’s top markets,” said Somers. “With this RaaS offering, title agents can get the best of all worlds without having to build out their own RON capabilities. They’ll keep their closings, premiums and client relationships while deploying NTS just as they would a mobile notary.”

NTS in addition to providing RON services, offers title agents outsourced, centralized title support services, including municipal lien searches, HOA estoppel processing, nationwide mobile signings, post-closing services and more.