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New Product Line Aims To Give Credit Unions A Competitive Edge In The Valuation Space

Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services (NPAS) has launched Credit Union Edge, a product line designed to give credit unions a competitive edge in the world of valuation services. Credit Union Edge offers a suite of valuation solutions, including Merge AVM Reconciliation and Pinnacle Desktop Appraisal, designed by industry veterans with decades of experience. This innovative product line provides a unique advantage, saving time and resources without increasing risk.

Credit Union Edge sets itself apart by leveraging the expertise of industry leaders. Developed with a deep understanding of credit unions’ unique challenges, NPAS products are built to empower credit unions with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of valuation services. This means that the offerings are not just efficient; they’re reliable.

How Credit Union Edge Benefits Credit Unions:

Credit Union Edge is a direct response to the specific challenges credit unions face in the valuation process. Our products not only save time and money but also mitigate additional risk. With Credit Union Edge℠, credit unions can:

  • Reduce valuation costs and pass on the savings to members, resulting in a win-win scenario.
  • Expedite the valuation process, ensuring prompt decisions for members.
  • Bolster risk management through expertly designed products.

Members benefit from Credit Union Edge as they pay less for home valuations, and valuations are completed significantly quicker than traditional appraisals. Credit unions can streamline their operations, improving efficiency, and enhancing the member’s experience.

Credit Union Edge products find versatile applications in home equity and portfolio transactions, delivering consistent value in various financial scenarios.

Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services is a trusted partner in the financial industry, with a mission to provide innovative solutions to credit unions. Our core values include integrity, excellence, and unwavering commitment to our clients’ success.