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New Tech Vendor Launches To End Mortgage Paralysis

Based in Birmingham, Ala., Quantalytix was founded by two former bankers who recognized a void in the current marketplace. In response, the company launched a cloud-based loan portfolio management platform that provides community financial institutions with actionable insights and key drivers of the loan portfolio via enriched, interactive dashboards. The platform seamlessly integrates with existing business systems, automatically aggregates data and provides real-time views of performance to enable more efficient operations, improve the customer experience, drive profitability and boost productivity. Chris Aliotta, president, CEO and co-founder of the company, and Will Bryant, COO and co-founder of the company, described their lending vision with our editor. Here is what they said:

Q: Tell me about your background and how Quantalytix was started. 

CHRIS ALIOTTA: As former bank executives, focusing on loan management portfolios, Chris Aliotta and Will Bryant observed that lenders had a tremendous amount of data yet struggled to translate it to top-line revenue or bottom-line cost savings. Unsatisfied with current technology platforms used for risk and loan management, where the data was extremely siloed and not easily accessible, they developed an enterprise management software platform for lending financial institutions to help monetize data.

Q: What was its mission?

CHRIS ALIOTTA: To eliminate decision making paralysis and actually provide conviction for the decision-making process. Our platform enables financial institutions to monetize data by implementing top-line revenue (such as increased production, new product offering, or TPO management, lender scorecards and pricing) or bottom-line cost savings (focusing on credit, avoiding delinquencies, or collection efforts).

Q: You are launching the Enterprise Bank Management Software with the Loan Portfolio Management – explain how what you are doing is different and makes it stand out?

WILL BRYANT: Our Enterprise Bank Management software covers more than just depository institutions. Quantalytix first started by serving non-depository institutions to like mortgage originators and servicers. Utilizing our banking experience, we can custom tailor our solution to fit the strategic needs of our customers with little-to-no added burden to their staff.

At our core, we are a solution-first company. A big reason we started Quantalytix was because software solutions touted themselves as the end all but came up short for a number of reasons. They lacked in user experience, modularity and openness, and customer support. As a result, we started a company that put the solution first and sees technology as a means to that end – not as an end in and of itself.

Q: Let’s talk about how the customer dashboard data can help institutions in planning for their growth strategies – can you share some insights on that?

CHRIS ALIOTTA: The most important thing when it comes to strategy is understanding the current coordinates of your business or loan portfolio. The dashboard serves as these coordinates to inform lenders where they currently are and allows them to understand which paths they can take to arrive at the destination – their growth strategy. The data and dashboard itself will never be the total solution. Instead, it will help guide you as you execute strategy and ensure you stay on the desired path.

For example, as a servicer of loans you may be interested in the long-term prepayment performance of certain cohorts of loans, especially when considering selling or buying servicing rights. This story becomes more important especially if your company serves within a correspondent/wholesale role within the industry. These dashboards provide the narrative support for the important decisions you will make.

Q: Could you leave my readers with three key takeaways about why Quantalytix?

WILL BRYANT: First is that we take a multi-pronged approach to serving our lenders that doesn’t simply end with software. We start by considering the business strategy, the data foundation, and the team and then choose the most appropriate solution once we understand how the three align.

Second, we are entering an era where lenders are competing with big tech for talent. Costs are going up and sourcing talent is becoming more difficult. As a solutions first company, we help our clients achieve the same level of service and support for less. Our main focus is to target organizations that aren’t quite at scale and to help them get there.

Finally, we see ourselves as an extension of your team. At the end of the day, our clients’ success is our success, and we make this our ethos. In that regard, we look for high quality partnerships where the company and the team are open and willing to grow both internally and with Quantalytix.