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Non-QM Wholesale Lender Gears Up For Growth By Implementing Powerful Technology

Solve Mortgage, a Non-QM wholesale lender based in Calabasas, California, is optimistic about mortgage lending. After a solid first half of 2023, Solve Mortgage’s president Blake Scheifele believes that market conditions are now robust, providing an opportunity for his business to grow. “Our loan volume has steadily grown over the past few months, and we think 2024 will be a big year,” said Scheifele. “We’re getting ahead of the curve by investing in sales and marketing and our first decision was to implement the OptifiNow TPO CRM.”

OptifiNow TPO is a CRM platform built exclusively for wholesale mortgage lenders that includes tools designed to market to and manage mortgage broker accounts efficiently. The platform is integrated with numerous mortgage loan origination systems (LOS), includes email and SMS capabilities, and can be deployed in just 30 days.

One feature that convinced Scheifele to implement OptifiNow TPO is Account Classification, an automated scoring process that prioritizes broker engagement. The CRM platform analyzes broker loan production volume, account executive activity, and other data inputs to generate a broker score. Account executives use the broker score to quickly identify which accounts they need to engage with, increasing sales efficiency and generating more consistent sales activity.

“Account Classification creates a regular cadence of activity across all of the brokers my account executives are responsible for,” Scheifele remarked. “The CRM tells them who to call, when to call and makes sending product fliers seamless. Account executives are able to engage with more brokers on a daily basis, which leads to more loan volume.”

OptifiNow TPO has additional features such as a real-time rate sheet distribution tool and a loan scenario ticketing module that make it uniquely suited for wholesale lending organizations. “We’ve spent a lot of time working with wholesale lenders to understand their pain points,” said John McGee, president of OptifiNow. “The tools we created have a direct impact on their sales and marketing processes.”

Solve Mortgage is looking forward to a strong Non-QM lending market and believes that they are well positioned to take advantage of increasing broker demand. “OptifiNow understands wholesale lending better than any other CRM vendor,” said Scheifele. “Their CRM comes out-of-the-box with features that are relevant, easy to use and gives us the confidence to grow.”