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OptifiNow Rolls Out 3 New Features

Interest rates are on the rise. Consumers are squeezed by inflation. Wholesale lenders, looking at choppy waters ahead, must do more than just survive—they must find innovative ways to ensure their AEs are targeting the right brokers, better understand customers, and increase loan volume in 2022. OptifiNow has added three new features to help clients meet these challenges.

By utilizing OptifiNow’s three new modules—Automated Account Classification, Support OnDemand, and Event Uploader—clients can gain actionable insights into their team allocation and how to best target and engage with customers and prospects.

The Automated Account Classification allows managers to pivot team resources to optimize account allocation and can take a fully automated sales process to the next level. Lenders can even utilize an automatic reassignment feature that places low-performing accounts into a shared distribution pool (aka “Shark Tank”) that gives other Account Executives an opportunity to work the account.

By using the Support OnDemand module, lenders can measure time from case opening to closing and agent productivity. That leads to happy brokers, optimized customer support costs and expanded capacity through automation.

Event Uploader gives lenders the power to seamlessly import contacts, custom tag, and build laser-targeted marketing campaigns that won’t waste productivity by sending multiple emails to the same contact. Using the custom tags will also allow you to segment your database and enhance the power of your marketing efforts.