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OptiFunder Secures $25 Million In Capital

OptiFunder has raised $25M in additional capital led by Arthur Ventures, a growth capital firm focused on high-growth, founder-led and capital efficient B2B software companies.

Founded in 2018 by Michael McFadden, OptiFunder is a growing mortgage technology company.  In 2021, OptiFunder’s growth has surpassed 400% and is currently funding over 50,000 loans per month on its platform.  This investment will further allow OptiFunder to continue its innovation and growth rate.

OptiFunder’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) automates the post-closing process through allowing originators the ability to fund loans with a single click of a button.  Additionally, through OptiFunder’s Warehouse Connect program, warehouse lenders are able to further strengthen their relationship and integration with their mortgage originator clients.  OptiFunder currently supports integrations to all the major Loan Origination Systems and Warehouse Lender’s Systems in the market.  Additionally, OptiFunder recently released its own API to allow seamless integration with independent LOS systems, document custodian systems, and mortgage investors.

“We could not be more excited to partner with Arthur Ventures who has an amazing history and track record in the mortgage technology space.  We are dedicated to making the mortgage funding and post-closing process as efficient and optimized as possible for every originator and warehouse lender in the industry,” said Michael McFadden, Founder and CEO of OptiFunder.

Following the capital raise, OptiFunder plans to hire in all areas of its business including product, engineering, data science, sales and support. “We have the best team, product and clients in the industry.  Now with the support of Arthur Ventures, we will be able to expand on each of those fronts, said McFadden.

“OptiFunder has proven to deliver an impressive ROI to its clients through optimization and automation,” said Patrick Meenan, General Partner at Arthur Ventures.  “We share in OptiFunder’s desire to revolutionize the way mortgage loans are funded, resulting in significant savings and more security to all originators and warehouse lenders.”

OptiFunder’s Warehouse Management System leverages Machine Learning and AI to optimize warehouse funding decisions and fully integrate the primary origination market to the secondary market.