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Partnership Engages Leads With Down Payment Assistance Opportunities And Hastens Conversions

Down Payment Resource (DPR), technology for connecting home buyers with homebuyer assistance programs, has partnered with HomeScout LLC to help mortgage lenders generate and convert more leads by meeting heightened consumer demand for information about affordable pathways to homeownership.

HomeScout provides a suite of tools and services to help mortgage lenders increase production by generating and nurturing in-market homebuyer business at the early stages of the home buying journey. With affordability challenges causing many qualified borrowers to sideline themselves from home buying, HomeScout has partnered with Down Payment Resource to rally homebuyer engagement with programs that reduce the costs of homeownership. 

HomeScout has embedded Down Payment Resource’s down payment assistance (DPA) finder in its partner-branded property search sites, thereby flagging listings that are eligible for homebuyer assistance programs including down payment and closing cost assistance, Mortgage Credit Certificates and affordable first mortgages. Each eligible listing invites consumers to discover which programs and how much funding they may be eligible for by supplying basic qualification information such as household size and income. Loan originators are notified when consumers engage with the DPA tool, enabling them to reach out with financial guidance at the earliest signs of homebuyer intent.

“Consumers’ eagerness to engage with our tools continues to signal an immense, unmet appetite for homebuyer assistance,” said DPR Founder and CEO Rob Chrane. “By making DPA program information easily accessible through its consumer-facing portal and loan originator-branded landing pages, HomeScout is helping lenders see the opportunity homebuyer assistance programs offer to fill sales pipelines while helping qualified borrowers overcome financing hurdles to homeownership.”

“Rob and his team are moving the needle by exposing a groundswell of consumer DPA interest, but the fact remains that consumers need lender support to finance a mortgage with down payment assistance,” said HomeScout Founder and CEO David Camp. “HomeScout’s partnership with Down Payment Resource opens additional avenues for transactions for lenders, aligning with our mission to help our clients increase production.”