Planet Home Lending Hires Maureen Morais And Desiree Kirkland

Planet Home Lending, LLC, a national lender and servicer, has hired a Maureen Morais as controller in the servicing operations division and Desiree Kirkland as vice president of national closing.

“Both Maureen and Desiree are problem-solvers who know how to build and run great teams,” “They have the experience and determination to make positive changes as we continue to grow,” said Planet Financial Group President and CEO Michael Dubeck.

Morais will seek ways to use automation to increase cost efficiencies, reduce risk and improve results for Planet’s owned mortgage servicing rights and in the private client portfolio assets managed by Planet Management Group.

Prior to joining Planet, Morais spent nine years at Capital One (f.k.a. Beech Street Capital, LLC), and had accounting roles at Farmer Mac and PricewaterhouseCoopers. “The people you’re surrounded by make a huge difference in your career,” Morais said. “I want to have a positive impact on the company I work for, and I know I can do that at Planet Home Lending.”

During Kirkland’s more than two decades in the industry, she gained experience in retail and direct sales, processing, wholesale, underwriting and quality assurance, but closing is her passion. She has built and led numerous closing teams, and most recently, grew a closing team of nine to more than 280. In addition to building teams, she’s also served as a leadership coach and led and managed a closing training and development team.

“I’m passionate about helping people and providing customers with an amazing closing experience,” Kirkland said. “My goal is to have the number one closing team in the industry. I am confident we can achieve that at Planet with the support of the company’s inclusive, supportive executive leadership team.”