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Non-QM Issuer Resumes Investing After Temporarily Suspending Operations At Onset Of Pandemic

Verus Mortgage Capital (VMC), a full-service correspondent investor offering residential non-QM and investor rental programs, has begun purchasing non-QM loans again after a short pause at the beginning of the pandemic. It is actively investing in new origination and pre-pandemic loans.

VMC is one of the largest non-QM issuers and provides lenders with non-delegated, delegated with pre-funding review or bulk loan delivery options. It purchases loans in all 50 states and its expansive offerings include LTVs up to 90%; cash out up to $500k; full and alternative documentation; and foreign national. Verus is a mortgage investor that uses its experience to help lending partners grow their non-QM business.

“We remain committed to the non-QM market and are seeing an increased interest in these programs as we have already completed four securitizations since the beginning of the pandemic,” said Dane Smith, President of VMC. “As one of the first entrants in this sector, we’ve seen it transform into one of the most promising and exciting opportunities in the mortgage industry.”

Founded in 2015, Verus Mortgage Capital (VMC) is a non-QM correspondent investor backed by Invictus Capital Partners, a leading investment firm. VMC purchases loans in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and focuses solely on the non-agency market. It offers correspondent lenders a wide range of home financing products for credit worthy borrowers.