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Truv Integrates With BeSmartee To Transform The Mortgage Experience

Truv, a GSE-approved direct-to-source income, employment and asset verification provider has launched a partnership with BeSmartee, provider of an award-winning Point-of-Sale (POS) platform for mortgage lenders.

Truv has seamlessly integrated with BeSmartee’s mortgage POS platform, Bright POS, to automate manual verification processes and transform the mortgage experience for lenders and borrowers with easier mortgage approvals, heightened data transparency and faster closings. Through their aligned missions to streamline the mortgage process and reduce costs for lenders, Bright POS is unlocking the power of Truv’s consumer-permissioned data to deliver lenders a cost-effective, all-in-one platform.

“Our partnership with Truv elevates BeSmartee’s mission of transforming borrowers into data verifiers vs. data providers,” says BeSmartee Co-Founder & CEO Tim Nyguen. “Truv and Bright POS also put the power in originators’ hands.” He added, “Loan officers can capture a borrower in seconds, verify income and employment in seconds, and zoom to the closing table with more confidence and less legwork for all players in the process.”

Truv’s industry-leading coverage of 92+% of the U.S. workforce, coupled with its success rates surpassing competitors in verification accuracy, empowers lenders using right POS to replace costly third-party verification services and unreliable methods. Through this powerful integration, lenders are positioned for expedited closing times, more efficient operational workflows, and significant reduction in costs, with proven savings of 60-80% compared to traditional verification methods.

“Truv’s integration with Bright POS is paving the way for mortgage lenders to tap into unparalleled cost savings and enhanced profitability,” said Kirill Klokov, Co-Founder & CEO of Truv. “By merging Truv’s market-leading data with the easy-to-use platform, lenders have the opportunity to leverage decreased friction in the mortgage process, significantly increase conversion and drive loan volume.”

The integration between Truv and Bright POS represents a significant advancement in the mortgage industry, offering lenders a lights-out solution to simplify, automate and optimize operational workflows while slashing costs on every closed loan.