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Dark Matter And Total Expert Partner To Boost Lender Revenue

Dark Matter Technologies (Dark Matter) launched a new strategic partnership with Total Expert, the customer engagement platform purpose-built for modern financial institutions. A forthcoming bi-directional integration between Total Expert and the Empower® loan origination system (LOS) from Dark Matter will empower mortgage lenders to generate more leads, improve sales productivity and close more loans by intelligently automating and personalizing the homebuyer journey.

“This highly anticipated collaboration will allow mortgage lenders to harness the combined efficiency of Total Expert and the Empower LOS, both linchpins of the mortgage tech stack and category leaders in intelligent automation, for the first time,” said Dark Matter CEO Rich Gagliano. “We expect this integration to deliver huge business value for mortgage lenders at a time when greater efficiency and a straight-line path to revenue growth are paramount.”

Total Expert’s all-in-one customer engagement platform is trusted by over 200 financial enterprises. Its comprehensive suite integrates data, marketing, sales and compliance solutions to optimize the perfect customer journey through every financial milestone. By translating customer insights into actionable strategies, Total Expert cultivates loyalty and drives growth for modern banks, lenders, credit unions and insurance firms. Customers of Total Expert experience a 20 percent revenue increase in their first year and experience loan retention rates over 60 percent, more than triple the mortgage industry standard of 18 percent.

“Lenders who chose the Empower LOS for its ability to optimize the origination process through automation are going to love modernizing their customer engagement with Total Expert,” said Total Expert Founder and CEO Joe Welu. “We can’t wait to help Dark Matter customers put their best foot forward in a competitive market and strengthen customer relationships for long-term success.”