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Relationship Management Platform Names Successful Entrepreneur CEO 

Bonzo, a relationship management platform provider dedicated to giving busy mortgage and real estate professionals their free time back, has named Chad Jampedro the company’s CEO. The former CEO of GO Mortgage and Loanmarq, Jampedro was a Bonzo customer and investor in the company before joining.

Jampedro joins Bonzo co-founders Miles Miller and Jason Perkins, who serve as chief operating officer and president, respectively, to round out Bonzo’s executive team. Jampedro’s duties will include navigating the capital and investor space, supporting and inspiring the Bonzo team, and establishing internal systems to support planned growth.

The automated Bonzo platform is designed and priced to help salespeople attract and engage customers without all the traditional legwork, cost and time. This enables salespeople to spend less time and money chasing deals or implementing a new CRM, and more time building lasting client relationships.

“For Bonzo to have the transformational impact we desire—empowering professionals to create freedom in their lives—we needed a visionary leader with experience in all facets of the mortgage industry and a track record of running successful businesses,” said Miller. “Chad is that leader—and with his guidance, we are positioned to fulfill our mission and ultimately expand into other areas of the housing market.”

“We are beyond thrilled to have Chad as Bonzo’s CEO,” Perkins added. “His commitment to leadership and excellence exemplifies our strategic efforts to expand Bonzo’s footprint in key verticals.”

Early in the pandemic, Jampedro met Miller and Perkins while seeking a sales automation platform for his former company, GO Mortgage. Jampedro was so impressed with Bonzo that he made an investment in the company in early 2021.

“Mortgage and real estate professionals deserve to lead rich and rewarding lives outside of work,” Jampedro said. “Bonzo empowered my former team to do just that. So, when the opportunity arose to become CEO and help other companies build more successful teams, I had to take it.”  

Jampedro began his career as a loan originator before becoming a partner in GO Mortgage and ascending to the role of president, where he remained until April 2022. While leading GO Mortgage, Jampedro, who was recently named a 2021 Housing Industry Icon by Mortgage Professional America magazine, also owned and sold Loanmarq, a mortgage software provider.

“I’m very passionate about what Miles, Jason and the Bonzo team are doing,” Jampedro said. “I look forward to helping to transform the way industry professionals work so they can lead richer lives.”