Expert AnalysisRecruitingSept./Oct. 2023 Edition

Recruiting Done The Right Way

To me, the word “recruiter” is an order taker. A person who takes a request and fills the order. My God-given talent is the ability to form relationships. To connect with people and form true and genuine friendships. When you form that friendship, then that person means something to you. You want to do right by them and help them in their career. I have created a company not only from my love of tacos but also from my passion for relationships. That is how Love and Tacos Media was formed. 

When I first talk to a candidate, I typically don’t talk about work. We chat about family life, their likes, passions, sports, etc…. Instead of focusing on transactional recruiting, I want to build trust and loyalty. Establishing trust is the foundation when building long-lasting relationships. When people feel valued and heard, they are more likely to engage on a deeper level. 

The process of relationship building goes beyond recruitment needs. That’s why I engage with our community and nurture connections over time. It’s important to attend networking events and conferences. Not only to seek out talent but to genuinely connect with people and understand their values and needs. When I build relationships with people, I’m investing in their professional development. Whether they end up working with me or not, providing mentorship and guidance can be a way to support talent, even if they choose a different opportunity or career path.

I have worked for many companies within our mortgage/financial industry and have seen when companies prioritize relationships; they tend to build positive reputations and strong employer brands. A positive reputation typically always attracts top talent. People want to be associated with an organization that values their team, clients, and core values over profits.  We live in a world that often wants a quick fix, and interactions are transactional. If we shift towards a relationship-building style of recruiting, you will see an effective and successful approach.

By focusing on trust, community, mentorship, and reputation, companies and individuals can form meaningful connections that lead to long-term success. No matter if you are C-suite, management, or a “recruiter”, remember that genuine relationships can be the key to achieving your goals and making a lasting impact in our industry.