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Second Gen Of Black Knight’s Rapid Analytics Platform Expands Data Marketplace And Team Collaboration

Black Knight, Inc. released the second generation of its Rapid Analytics Platform (RAP), which includes a powerful new design that delivers a streamlined workflow experience for users. RAP also now includes several additional datasets that clients can leverage to address a variety of critical business needs.

RAP is a unique, cloud-based data marketplace and decision-science studio that allows users to directly access Black Knight’s massive, diverse data assets and create custom analytics within a single solution. Users can seamlessly source Black Knight data managed on the platform, connect to other data sources, execute queries, create advanced analytics and train machine-learning models.

“RAP had already changed the landscape for mortgage and housing-related data science by bringing together more primary-sourced data and advanced analytics than any platform currently available,” said Ben Graboske, president of Black Knight’s Data & Analytics division. “With this second iteration, we’ve significantly enhanced the user and workflow experience and increased the number of datasets available, while simultaneously boosting the power available to users.”

RAP is used by forward-looking mortgage, real estate, and capital markets professionals for portfolio retention strategy; equity analysis and valuation; prepayment and default analytics; pre- and post-bid due diligence; performance benchmarking; and much more.  

In addition to providing access to many of the industry’s deepest and most granular datasets available, RAP also offers a growing catalogue of “out-of-the-box” analytics. Designed with transparency in mind, this exposed code allows users to get started quickly with a deep understanding of how the analytics have been developed. Users can also choose to build their own analytics, or they can leverage Black Knight’s highly experienced professionals to develop and deliver customized analytics.

Additionally, workspaces have been added to help users create custom views of the RAP resources relevant to a particular data science strategy.

The datasets recently added to RAP’s vast repository include Black Knight’s Collateral Analytics solutions, which provide a unique combination of the company’s top-rated automated valuation models, and comprehensive property and market data. RAP now also offers daily mortgage loan rate-lock data from Black Knight’s leading product and pricing engine, Optimal Blue PPE, as well as daily forbearance, payment, and delinquency data and other Black Knight datasets.

“Our focus with RAP has always been to deliver enhancements and innovations that help clients gain the critical insights they need from within a powerful, unified interface,” Graboske continued. “The enhancements in this version, including the new and diverse datasets available via the interactive data marketplace, are key to this goal, and will keep growing with time, so RAP can continue transforming how organizations leverage data and analytics.”