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SitusAMC Renews Contract With State Board Of Administration Of Florida

SitusAMC Holdings Corp. (“SitusAMC”), a provider of solutions supporting the entire lifecycle of real estate finance , has renewed its contract with the State Board of Administration of Florida (SBA) to provide real estate valuation and loan administration services.

The new contract expands the scope of services SitusAMC’s Real Estate Valuation Services (‘REVS’) group will offer the SBA, which is one of the largest state pension funds in the country. In addition to facilitating the annual third-party valuation process, SitusAMC will now be involved in the collection and reporting of quarterly valuation data and provide advanced analytics to better measure the performance of the SBA’s investments.

SitusAMC is a provider of advanced data analytics. The firm’s proprietary cloud-based, end-to-end valuations platform, Valuation Management System (VMS), leverages real time data and proprietary research to help clients monitor and report the values of their portfolios. During 2020, VMS supported 15,000 valuation assignments for nearly $1.4 trillion in real estate assets.

SitusAMC’s REVS group has grown tremendously over the past several years. The firm is responsible for reviewing and consulting on more than $300 billion in institutional real estate assets every quarter, including assets held by many of the largest public pension funds and investment managers in the world. In addition to many long-standing client relationships, SitusAMC has recently expanded its client roster to include some of the industry’s most prominent real estate investors, including J.P. Morgan Asset Management in 2018, and PGIM Real Estate in 2020.

“We’re delighted to strengthen our partnership with the SBA,” said Andrew Sabatini, Managing Director, Head of Equity Valuation Management at SitusAMC. “Our relationships with some of the world’s largest investment funds demonstrates the confidence fund managers have in our growing team and our rapidly expanding valuation services and technologies. We look forward to continuing to support SBA with customized solutions that enhance fund performance.”

“Our expanded relationship with the SBA has mirrored our growth as a global leader in valuation management (equity, bank & lending), daily pricing, and appraisal, ” said Brian Velky, Managing Director, Global Head of the Real Estate Valuation Services group at SitusAMC. “I’m proud of our team of dedicated professionals for continuing to meet and exceed the requirements of our investor clients.”