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SitusAMC To Help Firms Elevate Their Recruitment And Retention

SitusAMC, a provider of solutions supporting the entire lifecycle of real estate finance, released a proprietary briefing providing insights and perspectives on the talent trends impacting real estate market participants and strategies to help companies make more informed talent decisions.

“Talent Trends: What It Takes to Recruit & Retain Top Real Estate Professionals in 2022,” leverages SitusAMC’s deep expertise in real estate talent markets and knowledge of market dynamics to provide valuable insights into the state of the labor market. The briefing aims to empower real estate market participants with the information they need to make better decisions in order to recruit and retain real estate professionals who can drive business success.

Last year proved to be one of the most fiercely competitive labor markets in recent history, with more than 20 million Americans quitting their jobs in the second half of the year. The real estate industry was not immune, with some 60% of companies in the space experiencing resignations or voluntary turnover in 2021, according to a recent report in Green Street’s Real Estate Alert. These talents trends have continued into 2022, placing pressure on real estate market participants to step up their game when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent.

“We’re living through a truly unprecedented talent market,” stated Holly Mickens, managing director and head of talent solutions at SitusAMC. “SitusAMC is here to ensure real estate organizations have the information and support required to meet their talent needs and position their businesses to thrive.”  

SitusAMC has an established reputation as a leader in the talent space. The firm’s talent solutions division partners with top organizations, including investment banks, private equity firms and community institutions, among others, to reimagine their talent models. The firm also partners with clients to create custom strategies to build and manage highly effective real estate teams that help scale business efficiently while maintaining agility to navigate changing market dynamics and business needs.  

The division’s two primary offerings include:

Staffing management for assistance in finding and managing talent and seamlessly integrating professionals within a client’s operations and regulatory environment while managing all relevant credentials, and

Dedicated client platforms for building and fully managing dedicated teams across all levels and structures, operating as seamless extensions of the client’s operations.

Mickens added, “having a game plan and the right partners in your corner who understand talent and key trends will be the difference between failure and success.”