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Take3 Tech Becomes An Endorsed Partner Of BlackFin

BlackFin Group, a management consulting firm serving the Banking and Mortgage Industries, has added Take3Tech as their newest Preferred Partner. Take3Tech, a dynamic and innovative player in the mortgage banking sector, has quietly been serving mortgage bankers by offering a comprehensive suite of technology products that have gained rapid popularity.

Among Take3Tech’s flagship offerings, TheRuleTool and the LoanMAPS POS/LOS stand out as cloud-based solutions that provide invaluable knowledge and accessibility. Notably, their AI-powered POS/LOS system has been gaining substantial traction in the industry. The LoanMAPS POS and LOS have proven to simplify the mortgage origination process by leveraging cutting edge technologies.

Anita Padilla, CEO of Take3, highlighted the Partnership by saying, “The Take3 LoanMaps tech stack helps lenders streamline originations from end-to-end. Delivering unmatched lending efficiency and effectiveness. Moreover, the platform is lowering per loan expenses and allows lenders to scale growth more easily with simplified integrations, implementations, and overall user adoption. This is key during a time when traditional LOS and POS technologies now have a per loan cost over fourteen thousand dollars. “

Brad Thompson, President & COO of Take 3 added, “We are excited to partner with the team at BlackFin.  They have a highly respected and proven team and we are looking forward to working with them and showing lenders how to tackle some of the industry’s most challenging issues facing the market today.”

Keith Kemph, CEO of BlackFin said, “We couldn’t be happier to add Take3 to our growing list of Preferred Partners. The management team and their products meet our highest standards of credibility, integrity, and quality for mortgage bankers. Mortgage lenders need to add them to the top of their list for critical consideration at their firm.”