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Tavant Introduces Digital Software Factory And Expands Into New Business Lines

Tavant expanded its Fintech and digital lending practice by enhancing its digital platforms and added new retail banking and proptech partners.

Tavant’s core growth acceleration comes through the debut of its Digital Software Factories (“Digital Factory”). Tavant’s Digital Factory is an execution framework that leverages institutional knowledge, an optimized resource structure, streamlining operations with straight-through processing. These high-tech engineering factories consist of specialized teams to further the unique business goals of Tavant’s customers in a quick and agile process.

Additionally, Tavant boosted its growth with its recent expansion into the financial domains of banking, payments, and proptech. “Tavant has begun work for digital payments companies and retail banks that are looking to apply efficiencies and increase the speed to market of their operations,” said Sarvesh Mahesh, Tavant CEO. This expansion into banking, payments, and proptech has also supported Tavant as it spreads its operation globally.  ”

As Tavant continued to onboard new clients in the first half of the year, its FinConnect platform successfully processed more than 16 million mortgage transactions. FinConnect, a component of Tavant’s AI-powered digital lending suite of products,  VΞLOX, seamlessly connects the internal and external systems of the mortgage ecosystem, enabling an end-to-end, seamless digital mortgage experience.

Mahesh added, “We continue to see volumes spike across retail, wholesale, and direct to consumer lending channels. Incredibly low-interest rates and high refinance volumes yielded a massive increase in transaction volume, further highlighting the resilience of FinConnect and its proven ability to provide a seamless experience.”

Tavant’s growing customer base originates one out of every four loans in the U.S. Tavant’s VΞLOX suite of products solves many lender and borrower challenges, while maximizing data-driven processes and improves customer experience through fundamental changes in customer journeys and persona mappings.