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The StoneHill Group Names Strategic Initiatives Program Manager

The StoneHill Group announced today that Angela Koski has been appointed Strategic Initiatives Program Manager. 

In her new role, Angela will provide senior-level leadership in the implementation of a dossier of key projects and transformation activities of strategic importance at the StoneHill Group.  She will oversee enterprise change management, operational excellence, and technology enablement central to our continuous improvement in value creation for our clients.

Angela, who previously had been with Deephaven Mortgage from 2017-2020 as the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, will leverage her considerable domain experience as a mortgage operations leader and program manager to accelerate innovation across all lines of business at StoneHill.

“I am excited to be leading the aggressive transformation agenda that StoneHill has defined as we seek to redefine business process outsourcing to the mortgage industry.” – Angela Koski, Strategic Initiatives Program Manager

“We are pleased to add Angela to our industry-leading offerings and world class team here at StoneHill.  Angela is a passionate professional with proven ability as a change agent.  Her ability to harmonize processes performed by technology while enabling employees and customers makes her an excellent fit for this critical role.” – Patrick Gluesing, President of The StoneHill Group

The StoneHill Group is a provider of loan quality services, due diligence, fulfillment, mortgage process outsourcing and technology solutions to the mortgage industry. The company has a client base of over 300 Independent Mortgage Bankers, Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Servicers and Sub-Servicers and Housing Finance Authorities across the United States.